Crafting Success: Stone & Wood's Journey to Seamless eCommerce Fulfilment with Tap'in

In the heart of Byron Bay, Australia, stands Stone & Wood Brewing Co., a respected name in the brewing industry. On a mission to quench the thirst of beer enthusiasts across the UK, they turned to us as a trusted 3PL fulfillment provider, to navigate a unique challenge.

Our relationship with Stone & Wood started with our groundbreaking B2B delivery service, as they used this innovative approach to eliminate the need for traditional wholesalers, ensuring Stone & Wood's brand remained firmly in their hands as their drinks were delivered to venues in and around London.

The Ultimate Brewer’s Goal

Once Stone & Wood had established their presence in venues across the world’s capital, their ambition was clear: deliver their beloved Australian beers directly to the homes of UK consumers without sacrificing quality or control. 

As their direct-to-consumer (DTC) eCommerce business had started to take off, they were eager to get set up with haste and as their 3PL partner, Stone & Wood approached us to handle the logistics for their DTC business. 

DTC alcohol delivery comes with many complexities due to stringent laws around age restrictions in the UK. Stone & Wood required a fulfillment partner capable of meticulous handling, processing, and delivery, all whilst adhering to these regulations. 

Seamless eCommerce Fulfilment  

Our expertise in eCommerce seamlessly merged with Stone & Wood’s internal systems, solidifying our foundations for success. We also hold the relevant alcohol license to be able to distribute alcohol direct to consumer, as well as direct to venue which gave us an added advantage of being able to get set up in a short period of time. 

Despite Stone & Wood being our first customer to use our eCommerce fulfilment service, the partnership went from concept to being rolled out within just eight weeks and even with time being of the essence, we didn't compromise on quality. Thorough procedures and meticulous testing ensured a smooth launch, a remarkable feat considering the bespoke nature of the solution.

As with all projects of this size, Stone & Wood’s concerns loomed, primarily focused on reliability and cost. eCommerce intricacies can be treacherous waters, but we worked hand in hand with Stone & Wood, ensuring everything was tested to the maximum which provided the confidence for them to move forward with the trials.

Successful Partnerships 

With every challenge, our collaborative approach shone. Deftly working across departments, our highly experienced team anticipated obstacles before they could even surface. A network of reliable suppliers and a team experienced in navigating the unexpected ensured a steady course.

The results were beyond expectations. Stone & Wood experienced the same high quality service in our swift implementation and consistent reliability. The partnership not only expanded their market presence but also liberated the client from logistical headaches.

From a standing start, we achieved a remarkable 99% delivery success rate, a testament to our dedicated teams’ meticulous planning and execution.

In conclusion, the eCommerce fulfilment partnership between Tap'in and Stone & Wood Brewing Co. epitomises problem-solving, seamless execution, and dedication from the Tap’in team. 

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