A Bristol-based brewer came to us looking to expand their growth in and around the London area and required the support of a direct delivery partner to store, pick, and dispatch direct to their customers within London. 


Before this, they’d been servicing London from their brewery in Bristol and through wholesale, but as their goal was to grow their direct relationships with venues, they required a partner to support their direct-to-venue growth ambitions. 

As part of this, product knowledge and delivery experience were vital to the customer, as many of their London-based customers were new to them. They would rely on our expertise on the road to support them in establishing a reliable service with their new and existing customers. As hospitality footfall continues to be volatile in London, another priority for them was to have the ability to flex our service to meet this changing demand.


Our warehouse team and drivers knowing the products and branding would be vital in ensuring the service runs smoothly. So, we conducted new product onboarding training with the drivers to give them knowledge and understanding in order to maximise delivery effectiveness. Despite the resource challenges most businesses face, we have continued to flex our service for the customer. 

Our client had existing customers in London, so the onboarding process had to be seamless to ensure we delivered the same service they had been providing from Bristol. Since coming out of the pandemic, we have continued to go the extra mile with our service to support the brewer regain traction in London hospitality venues.

We quickly established that coming out of the pandemic made it almost impossible to predict volumes. Therefore, we have worked with the rollercoaster nature of the hospitality industry, and we have resourced ourselves accordingly to ensure we meet the ever changing demand.  


We have completed over 3,400 deliveries for the Bristol-based brewery since the start of our relationship over 24 months ago, and we continue to support them in their success.