Why Did We Decide To Rebrand? 

After four years of trading under our previous business name, Ware-Logic, we had a real lightbulb moment when our married directorship (Dan and Jayne Ausling) asked the rest of the team how they felt about the name of the business. 

Despite being met with an initial reluctance to answer, the team’s honest feedback came flooding out… 

  • “No one realises it stands for Warehouse and Logistics”
  • “Everyone in the pub thinks I am an electrician”
  • “People think we are based in Ware, Hertford”
  • “Why is the G backwards in the logo?”

For Jayne and Dan, this was the confirmation they needed that they weren’t alone in thinking they could do better than what they had. As Jayne perfectly said in her LinkedIn post, 

‘The name and brand image of a business is so much more than words, colours and shapes. It is a culture, an identity, a vision and a community that as owners and a team should be proud to be part of to deliver great partnerships with our clients and suppliers.’

So, that’s precisely why we decided to embark on the rebrand journey. We’d grown so much as a business under Ware-Logic but we felt like we had so much more to give and that growth was restricted by our brand at the time. 

Why Tap’in?

Our new name is an abbreviation for ‘Tap Pin’. 


The ‘Pin’ refers to the pin on a map, and the ‘Tap’ is a nod to London’s transport system. As two separate words, they create ‘Tap Pin’ but the name also perfectly refers to our clients ‘tapping into’ London and South East England hotspots when working with us, which is why we chose to go with the abbreviated version of Tap’in. We’re excited to launch Tap’in, as it encompasses all our core values and beliefs as a business. 

One of our three core values is ‘Sharing in Our Customer’s Success’ because we firmly believe that business done well means everyone wins, and there’s no better feeling than seeing our customers succeed. 

By helping our customers tap into London and South East England hotspots, we’re fortunate enough to celebrate our clients’ wins, no matter how big or small, because we’re on this journey with them.